Steers is Taking CV Online Upload Your CV

Steers is Taking CV Online Upload Your CV

Steers is Taking CV Online Upload Your CV

In South Africa, there is only one well-known fast-food establishment called Steers. It was established in 1960. They are well-known for their unusual menu offerings, which include ribs, burgers, ice cream, milkshakes, and chips. There are 600 Steers restaurants in South Africa now. Because of this, Steers restaurants all over the country have a large number of available opportunities.

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Locations: all nine provinces

Sters Jobs Available

You can apply for any of the following jobs at Steers if you’d want to work there: cashier, cook, griller, waiter/waitress, or kitchen assistant. Since these are all entry-level positions, no prior restaurant industry experience is required. You have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort and learn new things. This is a fantastic chance to begin working in the food service industry. Additionally, Steers restaurants include management-level jobs such as general manager, assistant restaurant manager, and kitchen supervisor. However, to be considered for one of these roles, you need to have enough restaurant experience and a track record of accomplishment.

There are two ways you can apply for a job at Steers restaurant if you’re interested in working there. You can email your resume or get in touch with the Steers restaurant location closest to you.

There are two ways you can work at Steers. Making an online inquiry about the open positions and the application procedure is one way to get in touch with Steers. In order to accomplish this, you must submit a form with your name, email address, phone number, and

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the address of the Steers eatery that interests you, together with the query you have. Next, select “Submit.” Steers will contact you via phone or email, so be sure to frequently check your inbox. The alternative is to go to a nearby Steers restaurant and speak with the manager. If there are any positions, the manager will let you know how to apply for them. In this manner, the manager may provide you with direct feedback and direction.

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