Tactical Support Officer

Tactical Support Officer

A Tactical Support Officer position is open with a top provider of integrated cash management systems and will be based in Krugersdorp.

Cash Solutions G4S A Planner

This position reports to the Branch Security Officer and is in charge of safeguarding business property and assets as well as making sure that company policy is followed.

The successful candidate is a self-starter with a track record of upholding company policy, implementing best practices, and exercising sound judgment in the pursuit of the organization’s goals. They also have an understanding of the function that facilities operations performs within a fruitful business unit. The incumbent will be expected to live up to the organization’s principles and to be results-driven.

Role responsibility: Keep the premises secure

Make sure that current security protocols are always followed.
Make sure that the building and property perimeters and internal security areas have the strictest level of access control.
Make sure that loading protocols are always carefully followed.
Check the functioning of the fence perimeter, alarms, and panic buttons.
Make an OB record, conduct routine after-hours security inspections of the property, and check the gate guards.
When directed by the Branch Security Officer, assume rotary key holder duties.
All defective or damaged shipments must be resealed by TSO in CMC under camera with the appropriate parties, and the money must be counted and the total amount must be recorded.
Organize and oversee vehicles, equipment, and SOPs

Make sure the tools are utilised by the operational crew is properly put to use and in good functioning order.
Control and distribution of weapons, ammo, and seals to the crew
Keep an accurate Firearms, Ammunition, and Kit Register. Verify that the crew is competent and that all firearms have valid licenses and permits. The serial numbers of the firearms must match those on the Firearms Register.
control the issuance of identification documents, gun permits, and scanners and keep a log of all of these things.
Make sure that all employees follow the SOPs for the banking halls, pay out services, and standby guard services.
Before leaving the Base, armored vehicles are inspected, and these inspections are noted on the check sheet.
providing armored vehicles with armed escort services as established.

Management of Staff

  • Ensure that the image of the Branch and Company is maintained at the highest level possible and that the moral and security awareness of staff is maintained
  • Ensure that vehicle crew adhere strictly to all security measures and maintain a high level of systems and procedures while operating within a Mobile operation, Walking operations and bank and client contact.
  • Ensure that crew and driver is in full uniform and that they are fit to perform duties

Health and Safety

  • Participate in the design/ development/ review/ implementation and monitoring of the departmental safety plans for each year.
  • Participate in safety forums created by company for example safety meetings and safety talks
  • Report all safety incidents to the relevant people
  • Discuss all safety incidents
  • Follow-up on any activities assigned through safety meeting/committee/representative/management
  • Attend safety education and refresher program
  • Comply with safety policies and procedures at workplace
  • Distribute safety information as and when required
  • Wear protective clothing all the time


Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • Grade 12
  • Grade C PSIRA & CIT
  • Firearm competency
  • Valid Drivers License and PDP


  • Knowledge of G4S standard operating procedures
  • South African security legislation
  • G4S Operational Policy and procedures
  • G4S HR Policy and procedures
  • Health and Safety legislation


  • Computer literate – ability to work on Excel, MS Outlook, Word
  • Communication (written and verbal)
  • Sharing and cooperating
  • Customer Thinking
  • Leading people
  • Customer Service and liaison
  • Strong risk management and investigations

Armed Response Officer Fidelity Services Group


  • Work under pressure
  • Dealing with changing circumstances
  • Attention to detail
  • Delivering great customer service

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