Cash Solutions G4S A Planner

Cash Solutions G4S A Planner

Cash Solutions G4S A Planner

Cash Solutions G4S A Planner position is open at Crown Mines (SA), a premier supplier of integrated cash management systems.

The successful candidate is a self-starter with a track record of upholding company policy, implementing best practices, and being able to use sound judgment in the pursuit of achieving the organization’s goals. They also understand the role that security plays within a fruitful business unit. The incumbent will be expected to live up to the organization’s principles and to be results-driven.

The primary responsibility of this role is to support the Branch Manager by ensuring and maintaining efficient planning processes within Cash Solutions as well as efficient planning and coordination of activities within Cash In Transit.

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– Charged with accountability for the efficient planning and coordination of operations

– Registers and Reports
– Control the E-Viper scanning and tracking system.
-Staff management and oversight -Health and safety
– Combine Easy Roster and Telematics.


– Grade 12

– Driving Permit

– Registration for PSIRA


understanding of G4S operational protocols

Security laws in South Africa

HR policies and practices for G4S

G4S’s Code of Ethics


Ability to operate with Excel, MS Outlook, and Word requires computer literacy.

Verbal and written communication

Strong organizational and mapping capabilities

Resolution of customer complaints


understanding of the market
implementing a strategy
initiating change
Managing Others
Making Performances
Managing Complexity
How to Manage Professionally
customer perspective
Cooperating and Working Together

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ABOUT THE COMPANY: G4S is the top global provider of security solutions, specializing in secure outsourcing in jurisdictions and industries where security and safety considerations are taken into account.

a tactical danger. The largest employer listed on the London Stock Exchange, G4S also has a secondary listing on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.G4S employs more than 620 000 people and conducts business in more than 120 nations. Go to for more details on G4S.

G4S has operations in over 26 African nations and employs over 120 000 people there.

Our goal at G4S South Africa is to be known as a pioneer in the provision of security solutions. As a result, we work to create and maintain a motivated, competent staff that is happy to serve our region and able to carry out our business strategy. In order to fully engage our workers, we continue to improve upon the strong people management processes already in place across the Group. Our employees represent G4S in the public eye, and we value the value they offer to the company by providing top-notch service every single day.

The organization G4S is characterized by its values, which include:

Safety First – We place a high priority on safety management to safeguard the health and welfare of our coworkers and others in our immediate vicinity.
Performance – In order to create long-term sustainability, we aim to enhance performance year over year.
Integrity: We can always be relied upon to act morally.
Best individuals – We hire the best individuals, help them advance their skills, give them opportunities, and motivate them.

to uphold our principles.
We work together as a team for the benefit of both our clients and G4S.
Expertise – Through our creative approach to developing and delivering the appropriate solutions, we create and display our expertise.
Focus on the customer – We have close, transparent connections with our customers that foster trust, and we collaborate for the benefit of both our organizations.

Making ensuring we hire the best people is one of the basic values of the G4S Group. We work hard to increase the competency of our staff members and motivate them to uphold our ideals. G4S makes sure to offer our staff members chances for professional advancement within a dynamic and demanding work environment.
At G4S South Africa, we place a high importance on luring and keeping the most talented individuals.

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