Roots butchery jobs application and Roots Cashier Jobs Hiring

Apply for roots jobs Hiring, roots butchery job application and Roots Cashier Job Application, Get available jobs at roots butchery to Join Work at Roots and also search roots hiring near me through roots careers. when you Apply for roots butchery jobs available and you will need the following steps :Roots Group assists in merchandising, packaging, managing, etc. Our business is built around people that want to succeed. Potential members of the Group must be hard working and must be willing to go the extra mile 24/7. We do not accept people without experience in Retail.

A Roots potential member should go through 1 month’s compulsory training. Roots members will assess if he/she is capable of running our business. We believe that if the member runs the business the way we advise them, then they can earn a handsome return on their capital. Roots training is very intense, so don’t be surprised by the amount of work involved! It will be well worth the effort though! Roots require you to work 12 hours every day Monday to Sunday.

To conduct and lead disease surveillance, data capturing, and analysis thereof to comply with DALRRD legal requirements. Development and lead of testing programs, programs for interpretation of test results with reference to vaccination schedules, statistical data, and training of staff for successful implementation and to plan, lead, and control related animal health activities.

Required Knowledge:

  • Principles, practices, and theory of biological analysis, including emerging technologies
  • Supervisory/technical principles & practices
  • Complex testing and analysis
  • All technical and environmental legislation and regulations
  • Principles and practices of applied research
  • Health/Safety/OHSA/ISO practices and regulations applicable to a laboratory
  • Laboratory information management and reporting systems

Required Skills:

  • Able to work independently with little direction in a fast-paced work environment
  • Computer literacy,
  • Logical thinking,
  • Analytical thinking,
  • Decision-making

Required Qualification:

  • Diploma in Animal Health with SAVC registration
  • Valid driver’s license

Required Experience:

  • Minimum 3 years working experience in the animal health industry

Key Responsibilities:

Diseases and Flock Health Surveillance

  • Plan, organise, and control the disease surveillance using prescribed test methods or as per customer and legal requirements.
  • Keep abreast of current technical regulations through research, attending seminars and webinars, and making any required adjustments to testing procedures where applicable.
  • Function as Internal Auditor on biosecurity audits at planned intervals.
  • Evaluate and interpret test results derived from Avian Necropsy, Bacteriology, Molecular Biology, and Serology to establish trends and identify disease outbreaks under flock with an early warning to Veterinary Executives for decision-making.
  • Evaluating and interpreting test results against vaccination schedules and testing schedules, draw conclusions where applicable, and provide results to customers in a manner that is understandable and useful to the farmers.

Quality Assurance and Support

  • Work closely with the Laboratory Manager in developing and maintaining high-performance testing and record keeping.
  • Planning and leading research projects in trial facilities and allocating technical teams to relevant aspects of the research trials. Conduct research, write up research findings, and produce reports.
  • Implement safety protocols around testing programs and ensure full compliance with Health & Safety requirements in testing departments.
  • Monitor the performance of the testing departments, identify risks and weaknesses and non-conformances, implement corrective and preventive actions to eliminate the non-conformances, and review the implemented activities at set frequencies to ensure effectiveness. Evaluate the results of the verification activities and draw up trend analysis over time to present information in a usable format for collaborative decision-making.
  • Ensure staff training is done as per the training schedule.
  • Review testing programs, procedures, and reports for accuracy, completeness, and compliance.
  • Plan and conduct follow-up technical/ biosecurity audits to ensure that all corrective actions have been successfully implemented and maintained.
  • Meeting deadlines for SANAS/ DAFF requirements.

Staff Development

  • Identify and develop the identified “calibrated standards” to ensure information transfer is done without error.
  • Train staff in root cause analysis, problem-solving, validations, and verifications to improve on performance overall performance.
  • Train staff on Health & Safety requirements pertaining to their technical activities.
  • Subject matter expert.

Information Management and Reporting

  • Manage information through the Laboratory Information Management System software (LIMS).
  • Collate and analyze performance data and charts against defined parameters.
  • Keep the Laboratory Manager informed of the progress of studies and audits and discuss problems.

Equipment Assurance

  • Ensure all departmental equipment used for testing is maintained in the correct and safe condition and oversee that the safe working conditions are met by all staff using the equipment.
  • Ensure equipment safety SHE programs are in place and relevant to comply with legislative requirements.
  • Manage site top risks relevant to chemicals, media, kits, and programs for testing.
  • Ensure that all equipment documentation is done in accordance with standard operating procedures.

Consumables Administration

  • Budget and stock management based on procedural requirements, test numbers, and test frequencies.
  • Understanding the impact of global events and the effect of stock availability for imported stock items.
  • Develop programs to ensure only approved, valid consumables are available for use.

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