Teachers assistant online application 2024

For those interested in applying for a teacher’s assistant position in 2024, the process and requirements are well outlined across various platforms. Here’s a comprehensive guide based on the information gathered:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years old.
  • Must be a South African resident with a valid RSA ID book/card, valid passport, or have a valid work permit.
  • Must live within 5km of the employing school, extended to 30km for farm schools.
  • Cannot be currently employed, studying (part-time or full-time), or participating in a learnership.
  • Must not be receiving any government grants, salary, wage, or stipend.
  • Should have a clear criminal record and not have any unfair advantage through knowing any staff members at the school.
  • Completion of all compulsory training for the position with relevant certificates is required​​.
  • Application Portal: Applicants can visit specific websites such as sayouth.mobi to register and apply. The site is accessible even without data balance for convenience​​​​.
  • Registration: A simple registration that requires basic personal information is needed for new users.
  • Opportunity Search: After logging in, users can search for ‘school assistant’ opportunities or for specific schools they are interested in.
  • Application Submission: Choose a position and follow the prompts to apply, ensuring all information provided is accurate and relevant.
  • Confirmation: After submission, applicants will receive a notification confirming their application has been processed​​.


    Teacher’s assistants play a crucial role in supporting teachers and students alike. Their responsibilities can include assisting with teaching activities, lesson planning, creating classroom displays, managing pupil behavior, and helping with school functions, among other duties​​.The South African government supports these positions through initiatives like the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI) and the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme. These initiatives are aimed at creating job opportunities while enhancing the educational quality. Salaries for these positions are competitive, with allowances mentioned in some sources​​.For more detailed information and to start your application, you can refer directly to the provided websites and platforms. This opportunity not only helps in career development but also significantly impacts the educational journey of students, making it a rewarding experience.

Directions to applicants: Applications must be submitted on the new prescribed form Z.83,
obtainable from any Public Service Department or on the internet at http://www.info.gov.za. The
Z83 should be completed in a manner that allows the selection committee to assess the
application based on the information on the form. Applicants are not required to submit copies of
qualifications and other relevant documents on application but must submit the Z83 and the
detailed Curriculum Vitae.


Therefore, only shortlisted candidates for a post will be required to
submit certified documents on or before the day of the interview following communication. If the
certified copies contradict the details on the CV or Z83 form, the candidate will automatically be
disqualified and removed from the shortlist. Should the applicant possess a foreign qualification,
it must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualification Authority
(SAQA) (only when shortlisted). Failure to submit the requested documents will result in the
application not being considered.


Applicants must indicate the reference number of the vacancy in their application. Should an applicant wish to apply for more than one post, separaten applications must be submitted for each post applied for. Applications received after closing date and those that do not comply with these instructions will not be considered. Candidates requiring
additional information regarding the advertised post should direct their inquiries to the relevant person as indicated in the advertisement. Note: shortlisted candidates will be subjected to criminal record check, citizenship verification, financial /asset record check, qualification /study verification and previous employment verification. Faxed or late applications will NOT be accepted. If you are not contacted within 4 months of the closing date of this advertisement,
please accept that your application was unsuccessful.

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