Customer Experience Management:

Ensure and maintain the implementation of customer experience processes (through the execution of business instruction letters, markdowns, repricing, promotions, customer experience plans, visual standards, customer feedback, general housekeeping etc.) to meet customer service standards

Risk Management:

Assist the store manager to conduct compliance checks through defined processes (e.g. admin checks, store audits, visual audits, COMO reports, POS reports, health & safety standards, weekly hanger counts, security etc.) to ensure and enforce overall compliance to policies and procedures.

Sales Growth & Profitability:

Analyze sales & profitability reports in store to collaborate with management on required operational action plans, increase sales performance and monitor store expenditure. Monitor, review and keep abreast of in-store product performance to provide feedback to support center and enhance sales. Keep abreast of new  opportunities to increase sales and brand awareness. This may include: in-store marketing, competitor shopping. Drive credit, Insurance , Mobile and Cellular performance to achieve the agreed budget.

Leadership & Development:

Lead and drive the team within a store to achieve store KPIs and operational strategy in line with company values. Identify & drive training, coaching and development needs with a focus on talent management and succession planning. Recruit, administer & manage performance in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Mr. Price is  hiring people who are looking for a job all Mr. Price around South Africa are looking for a new staff who is willing to work  Monday to Sunday and since the lockdown people have lost their job and now Mr. price have decided to give people another chance which is giving people jobs

All Application must be done online

A store job available is always on the market. If you want one, you need to stand out in the crowd. As such, your resume will be all about you. It will list your skills, achievements, education and work history. You should also include any training you have received and any certifications you may have received.

you must have grade 12 or none , be able to use computer , good communication

Your final step in your search for a store job available is to apply. Always follow up after you have been contacted by a prospective employer. Send them your resume and any other materials you think will be important for them to see. Before you know it, you will be getting an email back telling you where you fit into the company. Follow up with any interviews you have and never let a position to go to waste. Your chances of landing a store job available are better than ever thanks to the help available on the interne

You may also be wondering how you are going to find a store job available. If you know anyone in the business, always listen to their recommendations. If someone has worked in the area recently, make an effort to contact them to see if they can recommend some companies. You should also check out local newspapers, community newspapers and websites to see if there are any job openings. Remember to network within the community and make sure that everyone knows about your qualifications. If you do all of these things, you should be able to find the perfect job

Mr. Price is the one of the biggest store that sell clothes in South Africa this store is all over South Africa is a fashion store which majority of people like to shop at , it has been here for a long time .Now Mr. price is looking for people who are willing to worker , you can join Mr. price now and help them to grow big . due to covid 19 Mr. price decided to employ people who are looking for job with or with without experience , it will also provide free training for people who doesn’t have any experience ,the training will be for 5 days

if you are interested on this job you can apply but you must be willing to do all those requirement ,also check if you meet the requirement first and also if you want to do internship you can also submit your document and wait 3 days for respond , when you submit you must  make sure that you submitted the right CV because many people submit wrong CV or wrong file and later on when they realized it is already too late , so check it before ,if you do not meet requirement you can check other jobs on this website it have many jobs which you can find the one that you qualify for never give up on looking for a job one day you will find one ,Apply here now

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